Tortoise and the Hare 50K\30K Ultramarathon

A New Twist on an Old Tale!

Welcome to the 4th Annual Trail Series! This series is the MOST UNIQUE Ultra you will EVER run! We have an exciting race coming to you in the mountain trails of Blue Ridge, GA just a short drive north of Atlanta. The great thing about the sport of running is the camaraderie among runners. In a typical race the faster runner (Hare) arrives long before the middle/back of the pack and the slower runner (Tortoise) arrives as the party is ending. How about a race where everyone finishes (approximately) at the same time?! Introducing…the TORTOISE and the HARE 50K/30K™!

Runners will select a wave start time relative to their ability and that will determine your starting time, with runners starting in hourly waves – Tortoises first! The slower you are, the earlier you begin and the faster you are, the later you begin - with the goal finishing time of 3PM. This will bring everyone to the finish in a small time frame so there will be lots of fellow runners to celebrate your finish! (Of course, the winners will still be those that complete the course in the fastest time.) If you are unsure of your finishing time just go to this website and it will help you calculate your pace.

The TORTOISE and the HARE 50K and now 30K will be held on September 29th, 2018. We have moved the race from November to September so runners can have more visibility on the trail (minus the leaves) and a little warmer weather. This race has limited capacity so register today to secure your spot (once capacity is reached, NO exceptions will be made)!